Comprehensive MaxOne Review: Is Glutathione a Sleeping Giant That Has Woken Up Thanks to MaxOne?

MaxOne Review

You’ve come across this review, most likely, because you’re interested in MaxOne and its business opportunity. So kudos to you for doing your homework beforehand. You probably would want to know whether or not there is a MaxOne scam, or if it is a legitimate business opportunity. This review, that you will find is the most comprehensive of its kind on the web, will hopefully be clarifying to you and help you decide whether or not MaxOne is right for you.

What is MaxOne?

MaxOne is an advanced glutathione-accelerator. Now, glutathione is still rather unknown outside the medical community, but it is a word that Max International, the distributors of MaxOne, swear will be more commonly used in the household than Vitamin C within the next few years! This could actually prove to bear a real possibility, over time at least, in my opinion. One just needs to look at the unique nature of glutathione as the body’s Master antioxidant and the primary detoxifier and protector of the cell, that is present in every single cell. And that’s still an undeniably fact, long-settled by science, even most people have never heard about glutathione.

First of all, let me just sum up real quick for you, the basic facts about MaxOne, so you can hopefully get a good idea of what MaxOne is all about. So hang on a bit:

  • MaxOne is powered by patented RiboCeine™ technology
  • RiboCeine™, the single one ingredient in MaxOne, is a proprietary ingredient that fuses D-Ribose, a five-carbon chain simple sugar, with L-Cysteine that is the fuel for intracellular glutathione production D-Ribose is widely used for energy, fatigue, heart problems etc. as it is involved in ATP – cell energy – production
  • D-Ribose is a necessary precursor of RNA and is by this function naturally destined for the cells
  • D-Ribose hereby protects the L-Cysteine molecule in MaxOne, all the way into the cells RiboCeine™ in MaxOne has been shown to boost intracellular glutathione production by 600% – exponentially higher than any other ingredient, formula or solution available on the market today
  • Users of MaxOne receive the benefits of maximum glutathione production, and ATP production from the D-Ribose, all in one safe molecule
  • 20 independent peer reviews on MaxOne
  • 25 years of research on RiboCeine™ in MaxOne

Additional claims made about MaxOne by the company:

  • Effects of taking MaxOne can be seen, felt and even measured quickly – with incredible health and youth restoration over long-term use
  • MaxOne is endorsed by, not sponsored to, medical doctors
  • MaxOne is endorsed by, not sponsored to, athletes, Olympians, national sports teams, professional weightlifters, boxers etc.

So is Glutathione REALLY That Sleeping Giant Which has Finally Woken Up?

Well, according to testimonials from the company website, people taking MaxOne are giving incredible feedback on the benefits they get by simply adding Max’s products to their regime. For example, Bill Gillespie broke 4 World Records for power lifting in a single day, at age 49! Also, at age 47, Evander Holyfield came out of retirement and became the 5 times World Heavyweight Champion in boxing. Many individuals/teams of similar profiles are constantly attributing their success to Max’s products. The products have also been certified by many sports associations.

Okaaay, we heard that… Now…

Who Is Behind MaxOne?

MaxOne is distributed by Max International based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Max International was founded February 2007. First year’s sales approx. $15 million, 2nd year’s sales approx. $50 million. Max International call themselves “The global leader in Glutathione delivery” and it does not take much to be convinced about the integrity behind the company. Firstly, one can simply take a look at RiboCeine, the compound found in MaxOne. Unlike any other nutritional compound in the world, RiboCeine has been the subject of twenty published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that were funded by the National Institutes of Health and other scientific institutions. That speaks pretty much for itself. Their few products, of which MaxOne is the flagship, are based on glutathione.

Who Is Behind Max International?

So are the people who founded Max International just another bunch of a bit too smart and high-strung dudes just wanting to turn in another quick buck on some fast hyped-up product, this time ’round called MaxOne? Okay, lets take a look at Max International’s founding fathers.

1. Steven K. Scott

Steve K. Scott is a billionaire, well-known in the infomercial marketplace as a primary mover of some of the most successful products ever sold on television. He co-founded American Telecast and is personally responsible for over $2.5 billion in revenue. He was named one of the 25 most influential people by Direct Response Television, the industry trade journal. Steve K. Scott is the author of six international best sellers on the subject of personal achievement (in case he actually wrote them himself! Please note, that I have no indications whatsoever that he should not have, I just know how it happens to a majority of the big guys).

2. Gregory Fullerton

Gregory Fullerton is a popular public speaker. For over 20 years he has used his brand of humor and training to reach people. He has helped most of the Fortune 500 companies improve productivity and management skills. Greg Fullerton has shared the stage with many of today’s leaders: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Senator Bob Bennett, and Dr. Ken Blanchard.

3. Guthy-Renker

Established in 1988, Bill Guthy, Greg Renker (both billionaires) and their partners have built Guthy-Renker into one of the world’s largest direct response television companies with annual sales of $1.5 billion. Guthy-Renker is known as the leading producer of high-quality infomercials and products designed for direct response television sales.

Inventor Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, PhD

Unlike companies who set up simple R&D teams or simply outsource to contract manufacturers, Max International tells us they are committed to being the leaders of glutathione research and solutions, constantly investing and buying over patents, research labs, companies, scientists etc. on key glutathione developments. A fact is that apart from widely lauded and highly respected Dr. Thomas Keller’s works, Max International has acquired the technology and assets of CellGevity, Inc., including its patents, proprietary research, formulations, executive team and scientists. Dr. Nagasawa, the chairman and director of research of CellGevity, is the creator of MaxOne and RiboCeine™. The following is just a short list of this scientist’s mounting credentials:

  • Dedicated over 40 years as a highly respected scientist in biochemistry and medicinal chemistry
  • Inventor named in over a dozen patents
  • Held multiple professorships in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology & toxicity
  • Senior Editor for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry for 32 year
  • Recognised as the scientist who created the antidote to cyanide poisoning in Dec, 2007

It’s a fact that rarely before, if ever, in the history of network marketing companies have partnerships and founders of such magnitude come together to back a company. There are two simple factors making themselves clear here: An outstanding product and a rising global trend in both network marketing and health & wellness. In other words: This could prove to be a hot potato!


Undoubtedly, both the scientists and the founders of Max International hold high credentials. These would be people deep in-the-know about what they are doing. The leadership’s plans are to marry the infomercial model to the powerful multilevel marketing MLM model. All highly successful and respected businessmen in good ethical standing, it will be hard to start accusing them for wanting to make a quick short-term buck, turning the key and sailing off to their private islands with a boatload of money, their harems and pets and respective Noah’s Arks next midsummer’s night! The massive amounts of peer-reviewed studies on the one single ingredient in MaxOne, RiboCeine, is impressive. I have seen no one daring to challenge Max International’s sound research credentials for MaxOne. On the down-side, one potential drawback that I see, is the price that could be too steep for many new end-consumers for MaxOne or for new prospects wanting to join the business opportunity. It should be mentioned though, that there is no requirement for own auto-ship of MaxOne as an associate, but it may take a big leap of faith for many to jump in with MaxOne as a Preferred Customer with a monthly supply at the cost of $75 for US and Singapore hitting $99/month. A new Max Loyalty Program has recently been implemented though with savings of 25% on a minimum 3 months auto-ship of MaxOne or their other products. A good example of the qualified leadership capable of taking wise action.

MaxOne, NAC and The Most Important Astrocyte Cells

In regards to the price we must surely take into consideration that there is really not much, if anything, out there that can match MaxOne in both effective and safe delivery of glutathione to the body. Not only quantitatively, as to how much is needed in daily intake, but qualitatively as well in regards to the unique delivery mechanism of MaxOne, that for instance is known to penetrate into the important star-shaped astrocyte cells, abundantly found throughout the central nervous system, and to increase cell proliferation (division) in those, unlike its competitor N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) that actually decreases proliferation of the astrocyte cells! (You will not find this information on Max International’s site and they also have a product with NAC in fact, but it is a patented compound (very hard to get with a supplement) with lots of synergistic and buffering helping agents that may counteract this phenomena. And pure NAC definitely has had its fair share of time to prove its true usefulness as an all-round health supplement.

Personally, I would rather have seen MaxOne being brought out into a wider crowd with lower prices, than being marketed as an exclusive anti-aging supplement ranking high in price, but restricted to a more or less elite group, globally seen. In fact the first statement the marketers of MaxOne make about their company reads:

Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who had a vision of helping people everywhere experience the benefits of improved glutathione production.

Well, I am sure there are people “everywhere”, in all countries at least, that can afford MaxOne, but they are still an elite and not what one perhaps understands underlying “helping people everywhere”. But it does sound good.

… At a Closing Note

The fact remains that despite the importance and significance of glutathione in the medical industry, as justified by the staggering amount of studies on it, glutathione is still not well-known in the health supplements industry – simply because none of the glutathione-based products have produced any noticeable results for users! Will MaxOne change the course of history in regards to glutathione supplementation?


MaxOne is one unmatched glutathione-accelerator supplement that in fact very well could even contain the single most life-changing molecule ever created! (I will though, in due respect, leave that up to the folks that have had life-changing experiences with MaxOne to decide anyway.) It surely has a well-documented and rare uniqueness around it as a glutathione product. What I can say for sure is that if you join Max International as a distributor of MaxOne, your leadership will be exceptional in the sense that you can be quite sure to keep your business if you endure, because I believe that these guys at the rudder of the MaxLiner truly are able to steadily cruise the waters of future glutathione research, staying on top, and by doing so even channel your business into more effective products that may come along the way after MaxOne – all in the same already set-up structure that you worked so hard for. These are long-term perspectives that are extremely important. There is not much worse that seeing ones hard and dedicated work for MaxOne or another product or company being spilled on the floor overnight in case the company has to turn the key. And it is common knowledge that a large percentage of MLM companies fail long-term, even within the first year. This is most likely not going to happen with MaxOne and Max International.

Is MaxOne a legitimate business opportunity?

Yes. Can you make money with MaxOne? Yes. But the important question is, WILL you make money with it? The answer to that question doesn’t have a thing to do with whether or not the product is solid or if the leaders are trustworthy. Whether or not you make money with your MaxOne business will come down to, if you have the right tools and proper training to market it.

Source by Claus Nicolae Nielsen

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