How to Summon Demons

“The name “Grimoire” is derived from the word “Grammar”. A Grimoire is a description of a set of magical symbols and how to combine them properly.” The Grimoire will be an important element needed for our work. A notepad is fine, even a legal pad will suffice. The objective is to keep accurate notes and an account of the work each time you perform. The work, similar to dreams, will soon be forgotten if you are working on a higher plane. Just as when you awake from a dream, you should write down what you remember from the working ASAP. If not, you will forget valuable information and loose irreplaceable insight experienced during the height of energy working.

Lunar cycles are superfluous to demons. New and Full Moons are known to hold more energy but it is not necessary for our work at hand. The arrangement of the celestial bodies does not dictate the work for our magic. The alignment of stars may be important for horoscopes and other occult workings but not for the workings of our ceremonial initiatives. I also cover some of the energy differences in my other writings.

Solitude is very important for your first foray into the conjuring world. You must focus your mind and energy on the task and not be distracted by others. Also, do not expect a huge win-fall or magical demonstration to transpire. A test of will is needed and there is no such thing as “drive through magic” just as there is no success for those who sit on their gluteus maximus all day. Investment = Returns. For teenagers who are going to Bed, Bath and Beyond, buy some candles and conjure up a demon, please don’t bother. You may actually harm yourself in a maladaptive process.

There are different orders (ordnung) of demons. A working knowledge of their hierarchy is important ergo you must invest time for an understanding. Calling a demon lower in the echelon is preferable for the beginner. Call Samael (Demon of death) on your first try may find you in a mental ward shortly thereafter.

Some practitioners will write down their recitations and actions required during the working in the Grimoire and record the results adjacent on the same pages. I recommend this method because it follows a chronological path through the event and makes it easy to digest later. I also find sketching any visuals helps to keep the images vivid for recollection. The ritual should open as any other ritual. Do your homework and reap the benefits.

In some belief systems, the pentagram or other symbolic circle is used to protect the practitioner from a demon or other being. For Satanists, the Sigil of Baphomet is an important image but it will not protect you from the boogie man. Be serious, a demon can transverse time and dimensions. A circle on the floor or any other tchotchke will not contain them………thus the stern warning at the beginning of this post. It is not a pet on a leash. “Caveat Emptor” As the ceremony is opened, you should pay close attention to vibrations, sounds, temperature changes, etc. Some demons manifest as slight changes in ambient lighting produced by candlelight. Others will bring an uneasy “chill” to the otherwise temperate conditions of the sanctum. I have experienced the movement of small objects caused by a quick puff of air from an undetermined direction. These are all examples however, none are constantly present.

Shortly after the abnormality mentioned above, the being appears; void of form. The center of the energy mass usually vivid and discernible from others if multiple demons appear simultaneously. This is the precursor of a full visual manifestation. This interim presentation is a “testing of the water” period to establish the veracity, fortitude and / or tenacity of the practitioner. Once it has been authenticated by the being, a full display is indulged. If you have prepared as you should, you will be afforded the opportunity to “plead your case” to the being. You should speak clearly and articulate your desires in an unambiguous manner as quickly as possible. This is not a social gathering…………you called, and the call was answered. Remain focused and on point with your desire(s). Do not waste time and DO NOT PRESUME YOU ARE EQUAL TO THE BEING. Demons do not respect humans and they are not impressed with your pitiful myopic life.

When a demon first appears, it will be a shocking and baffling experience. Everything you have been taught to believe and have accepted as the truth is suddenly called into question. Just like the misguided that claim to be Satanists without believing in Satan, your belief system will be turned upside down.

The human mind will stretch like a rubber band – to the point of breaking – when witnessing such an event. It is this realization that allows a person, properly prepared, to not only experience this thing or happening but to actually learn the inner workings of the craft; gaining an insight and ability to recreate the atmosphere almost at will. It is a strain on the psyche however, that only focus, practice and an open mind can overcome.

One attribute almost every time of manifestation is a temperature change. When wearing a robe (as worn during all rituals, rites and invocations) one tends to notice the slightest variation in the environment. You may witness such a drastic change causing a hot and humid summer night to turn almost frosty; to the point of seeing breath in the candles and firelight.

Another common denominator is the unmistakable smell of sulfur just before the revelation. The odor is a stench commensurate to boiled eggs (perhaps after a few days). This phenomenon is a bit unnerving for initiates or those who have never experience a real demon.

When fully realized, the demon is usually an emerald color with an almost hallowing effect. This being is superior to humans in every way and the frenetic and demented atmosphere is reduced to pure awe and admiration. This being demands respect, reverence, wonderment and worship. Without the due respect, a consternation of pure evil, pain and a stripping of the mind is to be the only recollection; if any.

During an encounter, time seems to stand still and yet race concurrently. Watches nor clocks are allowed within the Inner Sanctum. These demonic trysts will last well into the early morning hours before conclusion.

There are variations in the appearances of demons and each has individual characteristics and demeanor. They are, in fact, as docile and jovial on certain occasions as members of the coven or a colleague. There are those times however, that the same being may be agitated, disturbed or adversarial from the first few moments. Those are the occasions to remember who possesses the true power and control….it is not you nor a member of the coven!

Let me point out that the ways of magic are not exclusive to the Magus; anyone with the proper training, tenacity, patience and determination can expect consummate results. As with anything, the reward is equally proportionate to the investment made by the practitioner. The mind and body must be attuned to the slightest dimensional harmonics to make compensatory redress and lessen the attenuate course of action.

“As the ceremony is opened, you should pay close attention to vibrations, sounds, temperature changes, etc. Some demons manifest as slight changes in ambient lighting produced by candlelight. Others will bring an uneasy “chill” to the otherwise temperate conditions of the sanctum. Demons are individuals (as we) and they make their entrance as they wish.”

The choice of demonic force desired is usually according to the ritual being conducted; In Rem: Destruction Ritual would necessitate a menacing and contentious being with the ability to do your evil dealing without any reservation whatsoever. The match of tactic and tactician is very important. This is magic where real and tangible results are produced; magic is not a stratagem.

The Ritual of Baphomet can be used as an opening for the Ritual of Black Flame. Both rituals are precursors to a summons and both work well together. Advantageous transitions into the conjurations can be found by using these rituals. The right frame of mind is both necessary and conspicuous for the practitioner. One only has to experience the true working of the conjure to be forever transformed through a satanic metamorphosis; just as caterpillar to chrysalis (pupa) to the butterfly. All actions play out to the five senses and some are overwhelming. For example, when the being Azazel (that great shepherd and scapegoat) materializes, there is always a sound that reminds me of a goat bleating. Each being is as individual as we humans. The ringing of a bell nine (9) times (during ritual work) clears the air inside the Inner Sanctum. Anton Lavey described the Inner Sanctum as the “intellectual decompression chamber” in his book The Satanic Bible.

Source by Aleister Nacht

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